Swimwear Brand Slammed Over Bikini Dedicated To Rosa Parks

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A swimwear company is facing backlash over a Rosa Parks-inspired bikini.

Swimwear brand Divino Seas released the "Rose" bikini set, which includes a strappy top and matching bottoms, dedicated to Parks.

"Inspired by the woman whose righteous rebellion against apartheid style segregation in the United States sparked the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s," a description of the bikini set reads.

"In honor of Rosa Parks, DivinoSeas has included this artesian inspired salute to haute couture in the domain of luxury swimwear," the description continues. "ROSA is meticulously designed with divinity in the details. Every element in the constellation of her composition contributes to the sets’ seductive yet stately gravitas. Available in sea salt and light pink."

The bikini top, now sold out in both colors, was on sale for $90. The bottoms were originally priced at $72.

Social media users slammed the company for linking Parks with the bikini set.

"Nothing screams 'rebellion against apartheid style segregation in the US that sparked the Civil Rights movement' quite like a non-Black owned business charging $167 for this pink monstrosity," one X user tweeted.

"A white company making a Rosa bathing suit.. when Rosa would not have been allowed to swim is.. something," another user wrote.

See more reactions to the Rosa Parks-inspired bikini below.

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