Broncos' Kareem Jackson Receives Racist Message Following Packers Game

Photo: Getty Images

Denver Broncos player Kareem Jackson has called out a racist message he received following his ejection from the Green Bay Packers game.

On Sunday (October 22), the Broncos defeated the Packers 19-17 at Empower Field at Mile High. Jackson, a Broncos defensive back, was ejected from the game following an illegal hit against Packers tight end Luke Musgrave.

After his ejection, Jackson took to Instagram to call out a private message he received from a man named Philipp, per TMZ.

"Stop behaving like a f***ing n** 🤡", a screenshot of the message reads.

Jackson condemned the sender as "racist" on social media.

"I wanna make sure you get the attention you're looking for," Jackson said. "I want your friends and family to know what type of racist person you really are over a game."

"I'll repost all this week so it doesn't go unnoticed," the safety added. "Don't worry, IG tough guy."

Jackson later revealed another inappropriate message he received on Instagram.

"Another IG tough guy," Jackson wrote. "This what we deal wit because we are athletes on a regular. Disgruntled fans that hide behind social media knowing it wouldn't end well in person. Enjoy this fame Daniel."

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