This Is California's 'Creepiest' Legend

Close-up of Fire Exploding and Blaze fire flame of forest fire.

Photo: Getty Images

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to build excitement for the holiday than by sharing scary stories. These particular stories have been passed down throughout the years despite their varying factuality. Urban legends are just that: legends. Though there may be some truth to the story, a few of these tales have yet to be proven entirely factual. Regardless, there is one legend that has been told and re-told throughout California history that you might have heard a few times before.

According to a list compiled by Insider, the creepiest urban legend in California history is that of the Char-Man.

Here is what Insider had to say about the creepiest urban legend in California:

"The Char-Man's origin story is gruesome: A father and son were both caught in a house fire and horribly burnt in 1948. After the fire, the son became so mentally unstable that he killed his father. When the police found the son, he was so unrecognizably burnt they didn't realize he was alive, so he ran away before they were able to arrest him for the murder of his father. The story goes that, ever since then, the Char-Man can be spotted wandering the woods surrounding Ojai, occasionally approaching tents of innocent campers, or pretending to be a hitchhiker and then attempting to attack them."

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