California City Named One Of The 'Most Breathtaking' Places In The World

Downtown San Diego skyline in California, USA

Photo: Getty Images

If you are looking for a wonderful place to explore with the entire family, look no further than this "breathtaking" California city that has captured the hearts of visitors from all around the world.

According to a list compiled by National Geographic, San Francisco is one of the most breathtaking vacation spots in the entire world. National Geographic listed this location underneath its "family" category naming it as an "inspiring journey for all ages," and detailed the "Presidio Tunnel Tops" and the "Crosstown Trail" to be prime travel destinations.

Here is what National Geographic had to say about San Francisco and the rest of the locations within the family category:

"In Switzerland, ride the rails to quaint Alpine towns for chocolate, hiking, and skiing. Help save the turtles in Trinidad & Tobago, one of the most important leatherback turtle rookeries in the world. In San Francisco, California, gather around a campfire with Golden Gate views at Presidio Tunnel Tops and hike the urban Crosstown Trail. Go birdwatching in the avian paradise that is Colombia, the enchanted land of Disney’s Encanto. Visit the playing grounds of a storied soccer team in Manchester, England—and be inspired by the city’s art scene as well."

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