Just for fun: Trump has bigger salt-and-pepper shakers than guests

Trump participated in a luncheon in the Cabinet Room of the White House for representatives of the UN Security Council permanent organized by Ambassador the UN Kelly Craft, who along with her husband donated more than $1 million to Trump, not that that has anything to do with her appointment... *cough* Sondland *cough*

CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller pointed something out on twitter... Trump's salt-and-pepper shakers are larger than everyone else's.

He's correct.

But why? Does he really need that much salt and pepper? Vox's Arron Rupar remembered something that may give a hint.

"In the early days of the Trump presidency it was reported that he "takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie ... while everyone else around the table gets just one."

It's easy to imagine that after Trump's first luncheon he raised hell because his salt-and-pepper shakers were the same size as everyone else's and that makes them look like equals. Although, they would make his hands look even smaller...

Or, does it have something to do with his dexterity; he could be having difficulty picking up and handling smaller items..? Just a thought.



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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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