Trump can't keep a secret agreement secret

Trump has been claiming as a victory his use of tariff threats to get Mexico to make a deal to help curb the flow of migrants from Central America from crossing into the United States. He even claimed he should get a National Holiday.

The New York Times ran an article that disputed the importance of the tariff threat .

"The deal to avert tariffs that President Trump announced with great fanfare on Friday night consists largely of actions that Mexico had already promised to take in prior discussions with the United States over the past several months, according to officials from both countries who are familiar with the negotiations."

Trump did not like that, tweeting, "Another false report in the Failing @nytimes."

He also teased that there were additional, undisclosed agreements in the immigration deal with Mexico that needed to be voted on by Mexico's legislature. A Mexican official denied this, probably because they were supposed to be secret.

On Tuesday, Trump revealed one of the pages of the secret agreement to the press. He was keeping in the inside coat pocket, which is totally normal...

As you can see, he held it up in the sunlight, and if there's one thing you shouldn't do with a secret agreement is hold it up in the sunlight... Someone might take a picture of it, and then someone else might zoom in and flip it around until parts of the secret agreement were visible.

What I was able to make out was:

"such agreement would...each party's domestic and international legal obligation, a commitment under which each party would accept the return, and process refugee status claims, of third-party nationals who have crossed that party's territory..."

And Trump claims that the secret agreement has been fully signed, but you can see a signature above "On behalf of Mexico," but nothing above the "On behalf of the United States." That may be just because Trump, or whoever, signed a bit higher, though Trump does like to have the prominent signature on documents.

Essentially, it seems the Mexico president needs to convince the country's legislatures of a part of the deal that the president didn't think would pass if it were public, but Trump doesn't really know how to keep a secret, and doesn't know how to just let criticism and doubt go, and also doesn't understand what happens when you hold a piece of white paper up to the sun.


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And one more thing, what's up with Trump's gross thumbnail. Someone needs a Presidential manicure...

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