The Trump-Macron friendship tree is dead

In April of 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife came to the White House for a two-day state visit. Part of the visit was a tree planting ceremony. As a gift to symbolize their friendship, the Macrons brought an oak tree, a European Sessile Oak from the Belleau Woods in France where thousands of American soldiers died during the First World War.

See, here they are, planting the tree...

But, then as Newsy pointed out, the tree was dug back up and put into quarantine to prevent the spread of parasites and disease, and that according to Reuters an official from Macron's office said the tree is doing well in quarantine.

“Since then, it has returned to quarantine and will soon be replanted in the White House gardens...Don’t worry, the tree is doing very well.”

The tree died.

From MSN:

"But it was never replanted: the tree died during its quarantine, the diplomatic source said."

Of course it did.

- Cory

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