Al Franken writes Barr fan fiction

Former Senator and SNL alum Al Franken posted a script satirizing Attorney General's William Barr's testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about his handling of the report from special counsel Mueller about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and the obstruction of justice committed by Trump. He pretty much nails it...

"MR. LEAHY: Yes, Mr. Barr, it seems to me that you’ve been buying time when answering our questions.
MR. BARR: Um, I’m sorry. Could you repeat the question?
MR. LEAHY: That was not a question.
MR. BARR: But I distinctly heard the word “question.”  Or maybe it was “questions.”
MR. LEAHY: It was “questions.”
MR. BARR: Which would be the plural. Could you repeat the questions?
MR LEAHY: There was no question.
MR. BARR: See, now this time I heard, “question.”  Singular. Not the plural, “questions.”  As a lawyer, I am used to precision in the use of language.  And now I’m hopelessly confused."

He gives zero respect to Chairman Lindsey Graham:

"MS. HARRIS: Yes, I want to get back to the fact that you did not look at any of the underlying evidence. And that the Special Counsel wrote you two letters and met with you objecting to the fact that you misrepresented his work. And, that you were asked in both the House and the Senate, after your meeting with Mr. Mueller had occurred, whether you knew how he felt about your four-page letter. I only have one question for you and I want a simple yes or no.
MR. CHAIR: (HITS GAVEL) I think now is a good time to adjourn."

- Cory

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