The Easter Letdown

Just look at that bunny... That is exactly what the kids standing below him must have looked like as they stood there in their Easter best, holding their egg-rolling sticks and baskets, staring up at a man in a suit standing next to a frighteningly dumbfounded Easter Bunny stumping about taxes, regulations and the military. That's Easter at that Trump White House.

We talk about that on the latest episode of The Dumpster Fire, as well as how by trying to sound tough Trump states as fact people close to him committed federal crimes, lying to special counsel prosecutors about disobeying his orders, and he inadvertently lets his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, know how he feels about him. And Trump forces his staff to boycott The White House Correspondents' Dinner, or was it really his idea? Cory has a theory.

It's all just one giant dumpster fire...

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And if you missed it, in the previous episode, we now have an admitted liar as the spokesperson for the President of the United States, Cory tells his favorite story from the Mueller Report, which starts with a correction of the now famous "I'm fucked" line; he doesn't think it means what people have been saying it means. Plus how Trump initially handled the release of the report...

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