Mayor Pete calls the Trump administration a "horror show"

During a speaking event in Des Moines, Iowa put on by the Asian & Latino Coalition, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, currently the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, after pointing out he won't be Trump's age until 2054, told the audience that democrats need to focus more on the daily lives of Americans and not so much on the Trump administration.

"A horror show is a hard thing to look away from, but our responsibility is to change the channel and change it to something better."

It was kind of a missed opportunity for Mayor Pete to make a "binge watching" or some sort of "the kids watch everything on their phones what's a channel" type joke, but that could have also sounded too forced, trying too hard to be the millennial candidate; it's something the older candidates will do (and yes, they will, just wait) to try to appeal to younger voters.

Here's the full event.

- Cory

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