Surprise, Trump made a stupid comment about Notre Dame

Before a roundtable discussion on the economy and tax reform in Burnsville (coincidentally), Minnesota, Trump commented on the fire causing devastating damage to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. He tried to sound sympathetic by saying "it might be greater than almost any museum in the world," which, okay, not a museum, but still an opinion, and stating it's importance spans countries, that "it's part of our growing up, part of our culture." Okay, again, not really "our" as American, but as a historical monument. But then he said this:

"They think it was caused by renovation. I hope that's the reason. Renovation, you know, what's that all about?"

That's just stupid.

Renovation... Am I right? It's almost like they were trying to make it great again.

He also tried to be helpful as the fire looked like it was getting out of hand by reminding the French that water can be used to put out fires, you know, in case they forgot.

I'm surprised he didn't blame the French for not raking the cathedral.

- Cory

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