"I know nothing about Wikileaks" - Trump, who once said, "I love Wikileaks"

Update: Asked again about Wikileaks a few hours later, Trump changed his answer from "I know nothing about them" to "I don't know much about them." At this rate, he'll be saying he knows a little about them by tonight, that he knows some stuff about them by tomorrow morning and that he knows more about them than anybody by next week.

You can hear it at the end of this video, around 11:45.

During an Oval Office meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Trump fielded a question referencing the arrest of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange.

"Reporter: Do you still love Wikileaks?"

This is a great way to ask Trump a question; it takes away his usual, almost involuntary first response to any question to deny-and-lie by reminding him that he once said, "I love Wikileaks." And he did...

Or not...

"Uh, I know nothing about Wikileaks. It's not my thing."

This reminds me of Austin Powers; I was expecting the reporter to pull out a book... "One book: I know everything about Wikileaks (This is my thing, baby." Because he mentioned Wikileaks numerous times on the campaign trail in 2016, praising it as they released documents about Hillary Clinton. He tweeted about it numerous times as well. So, of course he knows about Wikileaks.

Benefit of the doubt, he was really just talking about the arrest of Assange, that he didn't know the specifics about that. But the question was if he still loved it, if he still got information from it, and instead of saying he hasn't paid much attention to it since the election, and then going into the Assange arrest, he denies knowing anything about it multiple times.

"I know nothing really about 'em. It's not my... It's not my deal in life."

Not my deal in life... What does that even mean?

- Cory

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