East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell posts call threatening his life

San Francisco Bay Area representative Eric Swalwell tweeted the audio of a death threat he received at his Castro Valley, Ca office in November. It starts off with a penned rhyme seemingly in the context of the whole message threatening the new Democratic Party controlled House, "...here’s a little ditty for ya: pop-pop-pop-bop-pop-pop-pop — 30-round clip, you’re all gonna drop," and then threatens Swalwell directly.

"You want to go to war montherfucker? We're going to war. And you're going to be the first motherfucking casualty."

Swalwell is expected to announce his candidacy soon, one which would be centered around gun control.

He says hes not afraid of this guy, but just please be safe, Eric.

- Cory

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Thumbnail Photo Credit: Getty Images

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