Just for fun: Trump thinks his father was born in Germany

During an Oval Office press event with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Tuesday, Trump said Germany is "not paying their fair share," but to soften his accusations a bit he brought up his close familial ties to Germany.

"(14:32) I have great respect for Angela, and I have great respect for the country. My father is German, right? Was German. And, uh, born in a very wonderful place in Germany, and so I have a great feeling for Germany."

His father, Fred Trump, was born in that very wonderful place in Germany known as... *checks notes* New York, NY... At least according to his birth certificate. Trump's grandfather and grandmother were born in Germany.

How did no one follow up with, "And what was the name of that wonderful place in Germany where your father was born?" Though, he would have just answered with some sort of rambling like, "It's a wonderful place, wonderful, the best, all of Germany, wonderful, except, you know, that one part... with the Nazis... Very bad people the Nazis... Wonderful place, though."

This isn't the first time Trump has said his father was born in Germany; in July 2018, he told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo that his parents were both born in European Union countries; a month later in Scotland his repeated that saying his father was born in Germany and his mother in Scotland (that's correct.); and in the same month again repeated that both his parents were born in EU countries at a press conference in Brussels.

- Cory

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