Just for fun: Trump can't say "origins"

During the press event in the Oval Office with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump was asked about the planned subpoenas from various House committees pertaining to the release of the un-redacted Mueller Report. He went into his usually spiel about the committee chairpersons, no collusion, the Star Report, Hillary, the 2016 election, etc. Then he imagines the Democrats are laughing "like hell" behind closed doors at how long they were able to keep the "hoax" going, and hopes someone looks into the origins of the investigation.

"I hope they now go and look at the oranges..."

Oranges? Try again.

"...the oranges of the uh, uh, investigation."

Nope. Still saying "oranges."

"The beginnings of the investigations."

Thanks for clarification. Care to try again?

"You look at the or-i-gin of the investigation..."

Success! Uh-oh, still going. Okay, just don't try to say it again.

"...where it started, how it started, who started it, whether it's McCabe or Comey or a lot of them; where does it go, how high up in the White Houes did it go. You will all get Pulitzer Prizes, okay, you can all get Pulitzer Prizes. You should have looked at it a long time ago. And that's the only thing that's disappointing to me about the Mueller Report. The Mueller Report I wish covered the oranges..."

Awwww, no, again!? Got too cocky.

The full Oval Office press event is below. This clip comes in at 19:45, but it's worth starting a bit earlier just to see his rambling, and crazy hand movements as he talks about the report while Stoltenberg sits by wondering why he still needs to be there for this...

To be fair, I have a hard time saying "editor," though it just sounds like I forgot what D's and T's are supposed to sound like, I don't say "edamame" or anything.

- Cory

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