Just for fun: "Swamp Thing" trolls Trump's Interior Secretary Nominee

During a Senate hearing for Trump's Secretary of the Interior nominee, former oil and gas lobbyist David Bernhardt, who has helped open up lands and waters to oil exploration while blocking environmental impact reports as Deputy Interior Secretary, Greenpeace activists put on Swamp Thing masks during his opening statement.

One activist was positioned perfectly in the background; you can see her casually slip the mask on.

According to Greenpeace USA Climate and Energy Campaign Director Janet Redman:

“David Bernhardt heading the Interior Department would be a dream come true for fossil fuel companies, but a nightmare for the American people. If ethical violations alone don’t disqualify him from holding this position, his record of selling out public lands and waters to his industry buddies should. People who care about clean air, safe water, and a healthy climate have been sounding the alarm about Bernhardt’s history of catering to fossil fuel executives since he was named Deputy Secretary two years ago, and he’s done nothing since but prove he’s not fit for this job.
“Any member of Congress who takes climate change seriously must vehemently oppose this nomination. In our current climate crisis, it is not enough to fight for solutions like a Green New Deal, alone. We must also be working urgently for a just transition away from coal, oil, and gas to 100% renewable energy — and that means resisting Bernhardt’s attempts to open up federal lands and waters to his friends in the fossil fuel industry."

Here are more pictures of the swamp monsters from Greenpeace.

This is just some good ol' fashioned political protesting. And it worked.

- Cory

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