"Too bloody" Off-script Trump on fighting with the Irish

The Shamrock Bowl Presentation is a thing, apparently, where a representative from Ireland presents the President of the United States with a bowl of shamrocks as a symbol of friendship. Before Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar presented Trump with an actual bowl full of shamrocks at The White House Thursday, Trump went off script during his speech and perpetuated an Irish stereotype.

"(5:05) I know many Irish people and they are inspiring. They're sharp, they're smart, they're great, and they are brutal enemies, right? So you have to keep them as your friend. Always keep them as your friend. You don’t want to fight with the Irish. It’s too tough, too bloody."

I think my favorite part, because he never reads these things ahead of time, was the setup for that off-script mastery, when he read through the cities that would be celebrating the heritage of the "inspiring Irish," he's shocked to learn that Seattle is referred to as Emerald City - because it's surrounded by greenery.

"(4:46) This year on March seventeenth, from Boston to Chicago, to the Emerald City of... Seattle!?"

His reaction was like, "Huh, no shit?" He's so bad at reading out loud; he really should give the speeches he hasn't seen until that moment a quick once through.

- Cory

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