Just for fun: Mitt Romney blows out candles weird

Update: TMZ caught up to Senator Mitt Romney and asked him about his unorthodox candle blowing methods.

Good reasons, but next time, Mitt, maybe announce to everyone that you have a cold and that's why you're blowing out candles like a serial killer about to kill someone they have tied to a chair on their birthday, like, "Uh-oh... Last one. (blows out candle)" BANG!

Original story:

For his 72nd birthday, Senator Mitt Romney's staff made him a Twinkie birthday cake... That's enough setup, just watch him blow out the candles.

One. Candle. At. A. Time?

My first thought was that he might actually be a comedic genius, on the instinctively funny level of Andy Kaufman, because that is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

But then I realized that this is the correct way to blow out candles; people are making fun of him online, but he is my germaphobian hero, because finally someone took the care to not spit all over the group's dessert. I hope this catches on.

Mitt Romney's politics: Boo

Mitt Romney's candle-blowing game: On point!

- Cory

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