The Summit Vexation

If Trump wants to work toward the denuclearization of North Korea... Cool. But treating the leader of a brutal regime like he’s your long-lost best friend, your younger, drug-addicted brother who you’re so proud they finally started going to meetings, the hottest person at the bar that you can’t believe chose to talk to you… Well, that’s just a dumpster fire… Plus, Trump doesn't think Kim Jong-un knew about Otto Warmbier, he made fun of a U.S. senator with foreign leaders and his response to Michael Cohen's testimony was typical, you know, dumb.

That's all on the newest episode of The Dumpster Fire... Oh, and make sure you check out the below pictures of Trump and Kim Jong-un at the summit before you listen.

Looking at those pictures and hearing how Trump talks about Kim Jong-un with what we know about the horrific human rights abuses of North Korea...

"These included a prisoner's newborn baby being fed to guard dogs, the execution of starving prisoners caught digging for edible plants on the mountainside, and a variety of violent measures designed to induce abortions, including injecting motor oil into women's wombs." as disturbing as how he brushed off the question about Otto Warmbier. But that is all just typical of how Trump is running this county.

And here is the "sizzle reel" we mentioned.

Also on the show...

There's a bit more levity when we discuss a typical Trumpism, celebrating how he made fun of a United States senator with foreign leader - it's bonkers when you think about it.

And Trump thinks his former lawyer Michael Cohen, a man he has continuously berated and called a liar and a rat, absolved him of Russian collusion during his testimony in front of the House. He did not.

- Cory, co-host of The Dumpster Fire

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