Trump produced a sizzle reel with brutal leader of North Korea

A sizzle reel? Really? The President of the United States and the human rights abusing, anti-aircraft gun executing, people enslaved in gulag-ing, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un are presented in a 25-second video, tweeted by Trump, as though it was a montage of their journey to take the Olympic gold in Tandem Crimes Against Humanity.

Trump is meeting with Kim Jong-un for the second time apparently to continue working toward the denuclearization of North Korea. You know what? Fine. Go for it. If that can actually happen; if he thinks he can trust (he shouldn't), if we're able to verify (we won't be), then sure, why not? Go for it. Hold your nose and jump in hoping for the best. It would be a positive for the world. But chill out with the love fest, will ya?

"I think the biggest progress was our relationship is really a good one. (That is a really dumb sentence)"


We shouldn't be celebrating the progress of our country's "relationship" with a regime responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in the current world; we shouldn't even be seen as being friendly with them. Though, Trump is probably just referring to his personal relationship with Kim Jong-un.

If we want to work toward the initial goal of denuclearization, with the intention of addressing their abhorrent treatment of their people, then fine. Just don't do it with a goofy smile.

The only way a person could be so friendly with someone like Kim Jong-un is if they truly do not know what they've done to people, or just don't care. And Trump is fully aware.

- Cory

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