Trump plants seeds for "not an honest" Mueller report

Trump is planting the seeds, laying the groundwork, setting the stage, and whatever other idiom one can use to say that he is preparing to brush aside any damning information in the Mueller report as "Fake News." When asked about the Mueller investigation, Trump says him winning the 2016 presidential election had nothing to do with Russia, even though every U.S. intelligence agency says Russia did indeed interfere with the election in favor of Trump, and that there was no collusion or obstruction or phone calls, saying it's all a hoax.

"I look forward to seeing the report, if it's an honest report, it will say that, if it's not an honest report, it won't."

No one knows what exactly is going to be in the Mueller report, besides Mueller and his team, but the one thing everyone knows with absolutely certainty is what will not be in the report, the Mueller report will not say that the Mueller investigation, or the fact that there was Russian interference, was a hoax.

- Cory

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