"my language is very nice" Trump on his inflammatory rhetoric

During a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in the Oval Office, when asked about the U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant, Christopher Paul Hasson, who was stockpiling weapons and allegedly planning on killing prominent democratic politicians and journalists, people and organizations which Trump has specifically attacked at his rallies and on twitter, Trump said it was "a very sad thing."

Hasson, a self-described white nationalist, has been characterized in court filings as a "domestic terrorist.," and, according to court filings, searched "what if trump illegally impeached" and "civil war if trump impeached."

Trump, a self-described nationalist, then denied he is in any way responsible for inciting this kind of behavior with his inflammatory rhetoric.

"I think my language is very... nice."

"Very nice..."

So, basically, don't expect Trump to tone down his rhetoric, because if he did he would be admitting that he is wrong and he is incapable of doing that.

- Cory

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