Doctor says Trump is in "very good health"

Trump had his annual physical exam Friday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and apparently he is in "very good health."

From his physician, Navy Cdr. Sean Conley:

"Over the course of approximately four hours, I performed and supervised the evaluation with a panel of 11 different board certified specialists...I am happy to announce the President of the United States is in very good health and I anticipate he will remain so for the duration of his presidency, and beyond."

And now I have to question everything I know about what healthy is...

What does Conley mean by "duration;" what is the presidential end-date he is going off of? Trump will be 74 in 2020, and 78 in 2024. Can a physician honestly anticipate the health of someone in their mid-70's, especially one who's overweight, doesn't exercise, and eats like crap?

- Cory

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