Real Talk 910 Presents "The State of the Union... with all due respect"

If respect is earned, then Trump, like his businesses, is bankrupt...

Trump will deliver The State of the Union Address in front of Congress, the nation and the world (Putin) on Tuesday, February 5th, and it is sure to be filled with lies, passive-aggressive partisan attacks, aggressive attacks, and a lot of sniffing (seriously though, what's up with all the sniffing?). So, how can we stomach airing it uninterrupted? Well, we aren't going to...

Hosted by The Dumpster Fire 's Cory and Sean, the address will be constantly, unapologetically interrupted with sound effects, commentary, funny real-time tweets and palate cleansers - for example, when we just can't take it anymore, we will cut to a clip of Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, President Andrew Shepherd, Cardi B or maybe just a random clip from one of Cory's favorite cartoons.

Another reason we're airing The State of the Union is because we want to air the Democratic Response, to be given by Stacey Abrams following the address, and it doesn't make much sense to air the response to something without airing the something.

The address will be a major trending topic, and will be discussed on Wednesday on Real Talk 910 on The Stephanie Miller Show, The Thom Hartmann Program and The Norman Goldman Show, so you might want to have an idea of what everyone's talking about. But, we get it (we truly do), it's hard to listen to that guy; hopefully, we can make it bearable, at the very least.

Let's get through it together...

Follow us on Twitter @RealTalk910 and tweet to us with your comments, reactions and we may interrupt Trump with it.

Real Talk 910 Presents "The State of the Union... with all due respect"

Tuesday at 6pm on 910 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area and on iHeartRadio

"C-O-M-I-T-Y" Kellyanne Conway on what Trump wants - Thumbnail Image

"C-O-M-I-T-Y" Kellyanne Conway on what Trump wants

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