Trump Jr. seems to think the "N" in SNL stands for "And"

Donald Trump Jr. commented on a tweet listing an exaggerated, farcical 2020 Democratic platform that it was like a skit from the very, very well known New York based show Saturday Night Live. But, apparently, Junior has never seen anything about the show in print form, and has only ever heard it referred to by the commonly used shorten form, "SNL."

"It's almost like a funny version of an S&L skit"

That's right, he thinks the show is called "Saturday And Live," which actually would be a funny SNL skit, because it seems like an outrageous exaggeration, something they would do to make fun of someone's lack of intelligence because no one would believe an adult, especially one who lives in the city where the world famous show is filmed, is that stupid.

My brain is not allowing me to think he is that stupid, because that is really, really, very stupid, and in order to not fully give up on the human race I have to believe he did that on purpose to watch everyone go nuts about it, and to make sure the tweet he was commenting on went viral.

- Cory

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