Mom Finds Sperm Donor via DNA Test - Consequences Were Awful

Danielle Teuscher's daughter Zoe is the product of her and anonymous sperm she purchased at a local sperm bank. Not knowing anything about her daughter's father, Danielle ordered her daughter a DNA test from 23 and Me to discover her lineage and potential health issues.

The resulting DNA test not only showed Zoe's ancestry but also revealed a living relative who was 'open to messaging' in the 23 and Me database. Danielle then reached out to the relative of her daughter, politely saying she didn't want to cross any boundaries, but wanted to know if this relative was open to talking with her. The response was curt, "I don't understand." That was the end of it. No more contact from Danielle.

Shortly after she received a letter in the mail from her sperm bank, Northwest Cryobank. In it, Northwest admonished her to not contact any relative of the donor and warned her they could sue her for as much as $20k for violating her contract with them. To further their point they took away her access to the additional vials of sperm she purchased to make future genetic siblings of Zoe.

Danielle described it as devastating, harsh, shocking and embarrassing. She cried for days and could barely eat from the stress of the vials being taken away and the looming threat of legal action that could find her in financial dire straits.

Northwestern has since refunded her money, but will not give her access to the sperm she purchased.

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