Trump has no empathy for unpaid workers

During a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump, after meeting with Congressional leaders about the partial government shutdown that has hit it's 14th day, was asked if he had a "safety net" for federal workers as he has said he is prepared to allow the shutdown to continue for months, or a year, unless he gets the money he's demanded for a wall along the Mexican border.

His answer shows he either hasn't given the fact that real people are in real trouble any thought and therefore didn't have a reasoned, empathetic response, or he doesn't know what a "safety net" is.

"Well, the safety net is going to be having a strong border, because we're going to be safe."

The correct, human answer is something more like, "I understand the hardships that federal workers have been forced to endure, and I do not let this continue blind to those hardships, but I believe this is that important." And then maybe promise to reach out to governors and mayors to set up some sort of local relief, or community outreach. Right?

Really, he should have said anything other than what he said.

- Cory

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