Kim Jong Un shoots Trump in S. Korean art exhibit

An art installation by South Korean artist Lim Young-sun entitled 'The Show Must Go On' that has been on display at the Seoul Art Center depicts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un standing over the body of Trump with a still-drawn gun in an apparent money deal gone bad. On the floor next to Trump is an open suitcase filled with $100 bills, some bills scattered around him and a gun.

According to The Korea Times, the 59-year-old sculptor is satirizing the two leaders' "power game over nuclear weapons" and portraying them as "children of the empires." The exhibit is scheduled to be wrapping up on Dec. 19.

Of course, like with most art, the audience must suspend disbelief; there is no way the Trump is brave enough to do his own dirty work, and everyone knows Kim Jong Un prefers to kill his enemies/family with anti-aircraft guns.

- Cory

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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