Press Sec pushes the White House's dizzying Wall spin

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders assured the American public at a White House press briefing Tuesday that taxpayers will not be paying for the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

"We're not asking American taxpayers for that, uh, we are looking at existing funding through other agencies right now that we can draw on to do that in the medi, immediately."

Apparently, she isn't aware that the funding that exists in those other agencies originally came from taxpayers.

She also reiterated a claim that Trump tweeted that Mexico will actually indeed be paying for the wall in a way if you look at it from a distance and not really give it much thought.

"The President has been clear The USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada [trade] Agreement) deal would provide additional revenue through that deal that would show that Mexico is paying for the wall."

As you can probably work out, as the reporter points out, monetary benefits from that deal do not go to the government, but don't worry, she clarified.

"He's saying that the revenue provided and the money that would be saved through the USMCA deal, we could pay for the wall four times over, and by doing that new trade deal, we have the opportunity to pay for the wall...He's talking about the general revenue that comes from that deal."

If none of that makes any sense, that would be because none of that makes any sense.

- Cory

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