Pelosi, Schumer tag team Trump

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's pre-meeting press event with Trump Tuesday in the Oval Office is the cathartic, post-election mind spa Democrats need to see as a preview of the new power balance beginning January 3rd and to relieve any (in my opinion, unfounded) doubts about Pelosi's conviction as presumptive Speaker.

What was supposed to be an opportunity to make statements to the press prior to scheduled negotiations concerning the looming government shutdown transformed into a savvy, collected take down of an as-per-usual willfully ignorant Trump over border security and the Wall as Pelosi and Schumer refused to let him get away with his distraction tactics, correcting his lies and rhetoric.

And punctuating how outmatched Trump seemed was the why-am-I-even here look on an awkward, seemingly politically-impotent Pence.

Please, enjoy...

- Cory

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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