What (or who) are Putin and Saudi Prince laughing at?

What are Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman laughing at?

They are among the world leaders attending the two-day G20 Leaders' Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they not only seem to be friendly, they seem to have something very funny to talk about.

The crown prince is cracking Putin up.

Like really cracking him up.

But about what?

What do they have in common that they might find hilarious..?

What... or maybe it's a who?

The crown prince seems to be struggling to keep a straight face as Trump passes by...

Putin manages to hold it together.

This is complete speculation; they could be laughing at and about whatever ruthless, murderous leaders laugh at and about, but man, the look on the crown prince's face as Trump walks by...

The look of someone who ordered the murder of a American permanent resident and journalist, and not only got away with it, but had the President of the United States defend him over it.

- Cory

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