Trump and CNN reporter get into it

Trump gave a long press conference Wednesday morning where he made almost conciliatory statements about working with the Democratic Party now in control of the House of Representatives. 

Taking questions from the press, CNN's Jim Acosta questioned Trump about calling the migrants that began in Honduras and now working their way through Mexico toward the United States an "invasion." The exchange got Trump a little worked up to the point he walked away from the podium, and a White House aide tried to rip the microphone out of Acosta's hand (0:18).

Acosta didn't give in, to which Trump responded: 

(0:46) "You're a rude, terrible person, you shouldn't be working for CNN."

Eventually, NBC News' Peter Alexander was given the microphone, and began by defending Acosta's professionalism, to which Trump responded:

(1:05) "Well, I'm not a big fan of yours either."

I've watched that eight times, and I'm about to watch it again.

- Cory

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