Just for fun: Sit on Trump on Halloween, or whenever

If you're still looking for Halloween costume ideas, Spirit Halloween has what they're calling the Adult Presidential Piggyback Costume - where it appears your sitting on Trump's shoulders.

"Make everyone at the party LOL when you walk in riding the shoulders of this president! This is the perfect inflatable costume to win you "Funniest Costume" this Halloween." (spirithalloween)

It doesn't come with the hat, shirt or flag, so you'll need to come up with how to dress up your top half.

A few options:

  • Belligerent, Beer Drinking Brett Kavanaugh (Get to yell "I like beer!" all night) 
  • Stormy Daniels with a Forbes magazine on a horsewhip (Bonus for mushroom reference)
  • Kanye West dressed as Superman with a MAGA hat (Get to speak nonsense all night)
  • Uncle Sam (Gimmick: point in one direction and go the other)
  • Ivanka (Say weird, creepy stuff like, "But, daddy, I'm too old to sit on your shoulders.")

Or you could spend a couple more bucks on a Vladamir Putin mask...

...take off your shirt (or buy a muscle shirt), and ride Trump like...

Your welcome.

Oh, um, one more thing...

...when a guy wearing it has to go pee, where does it... Oh, never mind, I see.


- Cory

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