Trump asked about US-Saudi Arabia relationship

On his way to yet another MAGA rally, this one in Lebanan, Ohio, Trump stopped to speak with reporters after arriving at Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport. A reporter asked him if he'll be evaluating the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, with the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. 

If you haven't noticed, Trump sometimes seems to speak without double checking with his brain that he's ready. And this was one of those times:

Trump comes out quick, confidently.

"Well, we're going to find out what happened..."

Shoot, what happened, again? Uh, buy some time.

"...with respect to..."

Nope. Still don't got it. Need more time. It was bad, I know that, use it.

"...the terrible situation..."

I remember where!

" Turkey..."

I'm close, I can feel it.

"...having to do with..."

Got it.

"...Saudi Arabia and the reporter."

Phew, that was close.

And he answers a question about Saudi Arabia's record being overlooked by answering that Iran and Syria's record has been overlooked, which is not an answer.

In absolutely related news, Trump has said he doesn't want this disappeared journalist thing to interfere with a $100 billion arms deal.

- Cory

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