Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Does Parkour, and Yes, it's Terrifying

It's time to start praying to the God of your choice.  Boston Dynamics' robot Atlas is bounding ever closer to super-human abilities.  Atlas is the perfect warrior-form to spearhead the SkyNet vanguard for the eventual takeover and subjugation of all humanity.

Seriously, watching the new video from Boston Dynamics, you have to admit what they've accomplished is quite impressive.  The new physical routines performed by Atlas are astonishing on their own, but it's even more remarkable when you consider the technical hurdles that were bested by the programming and engineering teams.

Watch Atlas hop over logs, proceed to bound up several platforms and finally continue running without missing a pico-second.

Lest you think Atlas is Boston Dynamics' only future-robot-army option, consider the Spot-Mini with head-mounted door-opening death-clamp:

Still not convinced? Then say hello to the towering, 6'5" robot 'Handle'. Oh yes, nearly 6 and a half feet tall and made of servos, pistons, wheels, and the shrieks of a thousand children:

Perhaps you're thinking, 'I'll just quickly run and hide'.  Let's put that thought to bed. For your enjoyment/horror, here's the 'Cheetah'. With a top speed of 30mph, this robot can definitely 'finish the job'.

Nighty-night, little ones. 


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