Ambassador Ivanka?

Following UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's resignation announcement, Trump was asked about who he is thinking about for her replacement.

"I've heard a lot of names, I've heard Ivanka. How great would Ivanka be? It has nothing to do with nepotism. But I want to tell you, the people know, know that Ivanka would be dynamite."

He goes on to say that even though she is "dynamite" and no one is "more competent in the world" he probably wouldn't pick her because he doesn't want to be accused of nepotism.

He actually must think Ivanka is a terrible choice, and is planting the excuse he's going to give her when he picks someone else, because he hasn't cared about being accused of nepotism before, what with the whole having her and her husband as senior advisers in the White House thing...

- Cory

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