Kellyanne says Dr. Ford "treated like a Fabergé egg" by President

Kellyanne Conway spoke to the media outside the White House and defended the way Trump mocked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

"I see that that is the lemming-like word you're all using together, Peter."

Peter: Okay, would you prefer 'imitating?'

"Mocked" really is the perfect word to describe Trump's tone when he spoke about Dr. Ford's testimony at his rally, which is why it's the "lemming-like" word the media is using. But, if she'd like some variety, we can give her a variety of words to describe the way Trump spoke about Dr. Ford: ridiculed, made fun of, derided, teased, taunted, scorned, laughed at, lampooned, roasted, insulted, slammed, ripped on, mimicked, joked about, embarrassed, jeered at, flouted, joshed, razzed, gibed.

But really, "mocked" is the perfect word.

She went on to say Dr. Ford has been treated carefully...

"She's been treated like a Fabergé egg by all of us, including me and the President." a lying, Deep State controlled, false-accusation making Fabergé egg.

Toward the end of the clip, she accuses the media of all sounding the same. Um, Kellyanne, the media should all sound the same, you know, being that they're reporters who are reporting on what's actually going on... in reality.

That must be why she, and the President, like Fox News, they sound different from the rest of the media...

- Cory

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