Kavanaugh hearing bores youth basketball team

Judge Brett Kavanaugh invited former players of the youth basketball team he coached to his Senate Judiciary Committee Supreme Court confirmation hearing. The purpose seemed to be for a nice photo op.

On more than one occasion since being nominated by Trump to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh has brought up coaching his daughter's basketball team. It's clearly something his proud of. So, for someone being accurately blasted for his views on gun rights and a woman's right to choose, among other things, it made sense for some positive PR.

The only problem is, they had to sit through a Senate Judiciary Committee Supreme Court confirmation hearing. And they're kids.

We may find the Democrats fiery inquiries and Kavanaugh's frustrating question dodging exciting, but you know who doesn't... Kids!

Because kids get bored pretty easily.

Even when they know the person who is about to become one of the most powerful people in our government, making decisions that will affect them now, and later in life.

Because they're kids.

I wonder if they're going to remember how boring it was when they have a hard time getting contraception because their former coach thinks birth control pills are "abortion-inducing drugs."

- Cory

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