Trump targets Google in tweet

Trump, the President of the United States, posted a tweet - and Pinned it - Wednesday targeting Google, a privately owned business, claiming they promoted Obama's State of the Union addresses, but not his. He posted a video and the hashtag "#StopTheBias."

I guess he feels this is the "smoking gun" evidence he needed to prove Google is biased against him.

And who cares if they did; they're allowed. They can do whatever they think is best for their business (legally, of course). Maybe they knew they'd get too much backlash for putting it on their search page, and didn't want to risk people using one of the other search engines I imagine still exist.

Trump's #StopTheBias tweet is a follow up to a couple tweets from Tuesday accusing Google of suppressing good news about him and other conservatives.

Google CEO Jack Dorsey responded by denying the search engine suppresses good news about specific people or organizations.

Trump tweets in bulk, throwing out a bunch in the few minutes he probably has to tweet. He tweeted, and Pinned, the one about Google first, before an official statement from the White House about China and North Korea.

I'm no longer surprised by his priorities.

If Trump really wanted smoking gun evidence that Google is biased against him, he should google "idiot."

- Cory

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