This Trump tweet about Cohen is hilarious/SAD!

During what has become his regular morning tweet-storm, one of Trump's tweets about his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who implicated him during a court appearance where Cohen pleaded guilty to multiple counts of campaign finance violations (among other things) was hilarious and little sad...

It's like what a jilted teenage boy writes about his ex-girlfriend in a high school boy's room stall:

"If anyone is looking for a good girlfriend, I would strongly suggest that you don't date Stacy!"

It's so adolescent, so whiny. And coming from the leader of The United States of America... I mean, just... Damn.

Trump feels betrayed, maybe even rightfully so; Cohen has been a close part of Trump's life for over a decade, his self-described "fixer," a cohort, probably someone Trump considered what someone like Trump considers a friend.

It's kind of sad, you know, in an I-don't-really-give-a-crap-if-they-all-rot-in-jail kind of way.

- Cory

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