Just for fun: Trump almost uses "gestate" correctly

Trump doesn't know what "gestate" means. He was speaking at a rally in West Virginia.

"'Sir, can you get this deal done immediately?" I said it doesn't work that way; I don't want to go too fast. The deal's not going to be any good if we do that, we got to take time. It's gotta gestate, right?"

Oh, gestate. Yeah, sure, let it develop, like a fetus in a womb. That is right.

"The word 'gestate.' It's like when you're cooking a chicken."

Never mind.

"Time... Time... Turkey for Thanksgiving. My mother would say, 'Oh, eight hours.' I said, 'Eight hours?' She made the greatest turkey I've ever had."

Hahahahahaha... What?

The end of Trump's presidency is over-gestated, you know, like a library book.

- Cory

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