"We defeated communist Japan..." Lack of knowledge or comma?

On Thursday morning, Fox and Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt was listing a few of the United States' proud victories as part of a segment where the hosts were responding to a recent statement by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that we can't make America great again because it's never been great.

"We defeated Communist Japan, radical Islamists; we ask our men and our women to go overseas and fight for our country..."

People are making fun of her knowledge of history because, of course, Japan wasn't a communist country. But, I don't think it was her knowledge of history that caused the flub. It was either her inability to spot a comma, or that a comma wasn't there, between "communists" and "Japan." You can see her glancing down at her paper throughout.

It was probably written, or supposed to be written: "We defeated communists, Japan, radical..."

And how do I know that? Because it's how her co-host corrected her when she was finished.

I will say it was probably her knowledge of history that prevented her from catching and correcting herself.

- Cory

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