He's frustrated. - Press Sec on Trump calling Omarosa a "dog"

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked about Trump's attack on former aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman. Her answer: He's frustrated.

This is the tweet.

Trump calls Omarosa a "lowlife" at biker event - Thumbnail Image

Trump calls Omarosa a "lowlife" at biker event

Sanders also says Trump's attack on Omarosa has nothing to do with race.

"He's an equal opportunity... ah... person."

Offender; the word she is about to say while laughing about how terrible the President of the United States treats people is "offender."

She was asked if she can guarantee we won't hear Trump say the N-word in a recording. She says she can't guarantee anything, but she does imply she would quit if he did...

We'll see.

- Cory

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