Trump snubs John McCain when signing act named after him

Earlier this month, the Senate passed the John McCain National Defense Authorization Act which they named after the ailing Senator John McCain, who is the Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman.

“I am particularly humbled that my colleagues chose to designate legislation of such importance in my name."

Trump spoke for about 30 minutes before signing the John McCain National Defense Authorization Act, or as he calls it, the National Defense Authorization Act. He doesn't mention McCain once.

He continues to leave John McCain's name off the title of the bill in a follow up tweet.

The John McCain National Defense Authorization Act is just this years version of the congressional policy authorization for defense spending that seems to be more about defense against Trump policies.

As laid out by PBS, the bill puts baby Trump in a corner:

"Pushes the administration to define and fight harder against “malign influence” coming from Russia by assigning the task to a particular National Security Council official.

Requires the president to confirm he has imposed sanctions on Russia over a nuclear weapons treaty the U.S. accuses Russia of breaking, and temporarily bans the administration from extending a separate nuclear weapons treaty. It also requires the president to submit plans for additional sanctions to Congress. While this might not change policy, the executive branch has to take Congressional mandates like this one seriously."

"The bill Bans ZTE and Huawei purchasing by the US government.

Some background: After Trump cut a deal with China over ZTE, China paid a fine, essentially forcing Congress to water down language that would have banned the companies from the U.S. entirely. But officials on the appropriations committees believe this latest language is strong enough to correct Chinese behavior."

"The bill prohibits the Pentagon from reducing troop numbers in South Korea below 22,000 unless the Secretary of Defense certifies it’s in America’s “national security interest” and that he has consulted with U.S. regional allies. This is a reflection of a genuine lack of Congressional trust in the president after Trump described the U.S.-South Korea exercises as “war games” and questioned the importance of keeping U.S. troops in South Korea."

"A new senior official in charge of civilian casualties. The Trump administration has pushed authority for airstrikes downward, and has talked about increasing airstrikes. There is some concern that has increased civilian casualties."

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