Ohio Spoiler Claims Ancestors Not From Earth

The special election in Ohio's 12th congressional district Tuesday was very close, and even as Republicans claimed victory for their candidate, Troy Balderson, over the Democratic candidate, Danny O'Connor, it was considered too close to call well into Wednesday wiht a few thousand absentee ballots still being tallied.

There was a third person going for the seat vacated by Congressman Pat Tiberi, a Green Party candidate named Joe Manchik. Where he may not turn out to be an actual spoiler, he did garner over 1,100 votes in an election that may be won by less than two-thousand votes.

In an election that was projected to be this close, it shows how dedicated to the Green Party the people who voted for him must be; they don't seem to mind that he claims his ancestors are from another planet.

The "About" link on his campaign website directs to his Facebook page with his bio.

It's likely people, no matter how important they're told and believe defeating Republicans is for their cause, voted Green Party without knowing too much about the candidate because voting for the Democratic Party betrays their core beliefs.

But, this guy? Even this guy? He doesn't even know what his website is...

Since it was just a special election, Balderson will have to defend his seat in this November's election, and O'Connor is sure to make it another close one. And, maybe, the people who voted for Manchik will realize they could help swing the seat to the Democrats, especially if the closeness of this election galvanizes Democrats who didn't vote because they were lazy and Green Party voters who didn't vote because their candidate was a nut.

- Cory

Fine! I can't not do it: ...more like, "Little Green Men Party."

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