Kris Kobach's Jeep is a love letter to Trump

Update: Kobach is officially the Republican candidate in Kansas' gubernatorial race as Jeff Colyer has conceded.

Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas, is in a close gubernatorial primary race against the incumbent Jeff Colyer; with Kobach up by only a couple hundred votes, a recount is almost certain.

Trump recently endorsed Kobach.

Trump giving his endorsement to Kobach is no surprise as Trump tends to shower love onto those who love him, and what better way to say you love someone than to make your campaign vehicle into a mobile homage to Trump.

Let's take a look.

That's right, it's an American flag wrapped Jeep Wrangler with a mounted .50 caliber machine gun and a Donald Trump bobblehead hood ornament...

That's right, a Donald Trump bobblehead hood ornament.

It's like Kris Kobach called up Trump and was like, "Yes, hello, your Highness, what would you say the perfect car would look like?"

And then he made it.

It is so Trump, Trump would pay a porn star to spank him while he looked at it.

- Cory

Photo Credit Getty Images

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