Trump speaks carefully about CA fires during dinner with business leaders

Trump hosted a dinner with business leaders in Bedminster, New Jersey and opened by speaking about the California Fires. He carefully stayed on script (mostly), in front of the CEO's who quit his Strategic and Policy Forum after his "very fine people on both sides" comments following the Charlottesville white nationalist rally that turned deadly.

It begins at 1:33.

He seems to dip his toe into the off-script pool at one point.

"It's been a very tough situation taking place in California for a number of years, and we're going to have to have some meetings about it, because there are reasons, and there are things you can do to mitigate what's happened."

"Because there are reasons..." I hope that wasn't in his script, because there are reasons and there are things you can do to make sense. It was probably him reeling himself in from going into what he's been tweeting about the last couple of days concerning the California fires that baffled water and fire experts.

Dr. Peter Gleick is one such expert that spent the last couple of days correcting Trump's ignorant tweets.

I'm sure that if he wasn't courting big business, he would have said something real stupid for us to talk about.

- Cory

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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