"As You Are" Biden launches LGBTQ family acceptance campaign

Vice President Joe Biden announced his foundation is launching the "As You Are" campaign to raise awareness of the importance of family acceptance in the lives of LGBTQ young people.

From the Biden Foundation press release:

Research shows that family rejection significantly contributes to negative outcomes. Rejecting behavior is not limited to a parent disowning or kicking out their child; it can also include subjecting young people to “conversion therapy,” blocking their access to LGBTQ friends and networks, or keeping a young person’s LGBTQ identity “secret.” In contrast, supporting LGBTQ youth, affirming their identity, and advocating for equal treatment can prevent many of these outcomes and set LGBTQ youth on a positive trajectory.

Biden was joined by Cyndi Lauper, Wade Davis and more in a video announcement of the campaign.

Here is the link to the "As You Are" page if you have a story to share https://bidenfoundation.org/pillars/equality/asyouare/

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