Ron Estes calls Republican primary opponent Ron Estes a Democratic impostor

There's a Republican running for reelection in Kansas' 4th Congressional District named Ron Estes. He won the seat in a special election last year, replacing current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when he became the Director of the CIA.

Before he can focus on the general election, Ron Estes must face a primary challenger: Ron Estes. Or as he refers to himself, Real Ron Estes.

Real Ron Estes told The Wichita Eagle it's merely a coincidence he has the same name as Ron Estes, the first person he's ever decided to run for office against.

It was his third media interview in seven weeks as a candidate, and he absolutely believes he would be running if his name was Ron Jones.

“Yeah, yes,” he said.

So this identical name thing is a one-in-a-million coincidence?


On his campaign website, Real Ron Estes says Ron Estes has let the people of Kansas down.

“I love the people of Kansas, and our current representative is an embarrassment. The incumbent has become the epitome of the DC Swamp. I believe Kansas Republicans deserve a Rep. Ron Estes who will show up and represent Fourth District Kansans. I feel compelled to run in and win this primary to defend our Kansas values.”

Though both running as Republicans, Ron Estes and Real Ron Estes are very different. Ron Estes is a hardcore Trump-loving, anti-abortion anti-marijuana legalization NRA conservative, Real Ron Estes is not:

"Trump only gets his way because he has a Congress that doesn’t criticize his actions...Congress has to stand up to the NRA and protect our children...I will never ever take any money from the NRA...I trust that all women have the right to decide for themselves what to do regarding their own bodies given their beliefs...The separation of children from their families is reprehensible."


On the ballot, the incumbent Ron Estes will be listed as Rep. Ron Estes and Real Ron Estes will be listed as Ron M. Estes. This caused a bit of controversy; it is against the law to put someone's title next to their name on a ballot. To be fair, Real Ron Estes says Rep. Ron Estes should be listed with his middle name, or with "Jr." after his name. Or, another option Real Ron Estes apparently suggested to Kansas' Secretary of State, they could add "Real" before his name.

On Rep. Ron Estes' campaign website, they call Real Ron Estes an impostor, or as they put it "imposter," and apparently both spellings are correct. I checked.

But not only do they call him an "imposter" because they have the same name, but the posit "Real Ron Estes" was recruited by Democratic operatives. 

Democrat activists are trying to Mislead Republican primary voters.  There are two Ron Esteses on the Republican primary ballot. One is our Representative. One is an Imposter.  Don’t be fooled by Democrat dirty tricks. Vote for Rep. Ron Estes on August 7th.

On your ballot there will be an option to vote for Rep. Ron Estes. There is also an Imposter on the ballot with the same name. Ron M. Estes is a candidate listed on the ballot. Remember that M is for Misleading..

Real Ron Estes claims he is legit, though he has only spent about $2,000 on his campaign, for the filing fee and the website. And he doesn't plan on spending any more. That doesn't mean he isn't legit. He may just be smart, which he is; he helped build the International Space Station.

- Cory

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Getty Images

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