Trump rips media for Russia summit scrutiny... again

Is it me, or are those large spools behind Trump rolling their eyes at him..?

An animated Trump gave a speech about trade at US Steel's Granite City Works in Granite City, Illinois, and while he was boasting about all of his accomplishments, he took a moment to criticize how the media scrutinizes him.

"Look at all those cameras, all those cameras. Every stop, I got all these cameras; this never happened to Obama, this never happened to Bush, this didn't happen... they just follow."

So, Trump believes he's the first president the media has been hyper-focused on. That's amazing.

"They analyze every word; they say, "Did he say... that? Could it have been? Did he say something positive about Russia? I think he loves Russia.'"

I think he loves Russia, but that's only because he really seems to love Russia.

- Cory 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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